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Terms & Conditions

All fees are subject to change without notice.

1.0            SCOPE OF ENGAGEMENT.

The Permit Group is appointed to assess the proposal pursuant to the Building Act 1993 (Act), Building Regulations 2018 (Regulations) and the NCC BCA 2019 (current), issue a Building Permit for the works followed by Final Inspection and/or Occupancy Permit.



2.1             Building Permit Services

Peter Mariolis of The Permit Group is appointed to act as Relevant Building Surveyor under the Building Act 1993 (“Act”) and to undertake the roles and responsibilities of a Relevant Building Surveyor (“RBS”) as set out in the Act. In the performance of these functions he would: –

–                 Carry out functions as RBS in accordance with the Act.

–                 Appoint relevant staff employed by The Permit Group to assist him in his functions and provide advice on matters as required from time to time.

–                 Consider applications for determination of performance-based designs.

–                 Review all architectural and structural drawings, and specifications advising on regulatory requirements, compliance with Australian Standards, etc. Prepare a written request for further information as required.

–                 Liaise with statutory bodies and reporting authorities.

–                 Issue building permits.


2.2 Structural Certification Services

–                 Structural certifications for design and/or inspections is to be arranged by the client and/or owner and provided to The Permit Group as required.


2.3 Services during Construction and at Works Completion

–                 The Permit Group will carry out all mandatory building inspections under the Act (i.e. footings, reinforcement, frame and final).

–                 Call for and review all necessary reports, certificates, etc. at the completion of the works to enable the issue of occupancy permit/s or certificate/s of final inspection.

–                 Issue Occupancy Permit/s or Certificate/s of Final Inspection as appropriate.


3.0            FEES

Fees are to be paid to The Permit Group upon issue of invoice for all services rendered as listed on the invoice & prior to issuing of the Building Permit.


4.0            BASIS OF PROPOSAL

The proposal of service by The Permit Group is offered on the basis of the following:

4.1             Scope

The Permit Group will provide the statutory responsibilities of a PBS as required by the Building Act 1993. The scope of engagement is limited to this role and to services offered in this submission in order to fulfil this role.


4.2             Statutory Charges

Statutory authority fees and charges such as the MFB/CFA charges, Building Appeals Board fees and Reporting Authority charges are excluded and will be the responsibility of others, or will be charged extra as a disbursement and administration fee in addition to The Permit Group’s services.

Council Lodgement Fees ($123.70 per Building Permit Stage GST Free)                                                                  $123.70

Council Lodgement Fees are subject to change every financial year.


4.3             Supply of Documents

Documentation, information and details forming part of building permit application/s package will be prepared and/or obtained by others, to the required industry standard and as required by The Permit Group.


4.4             Planning Permit

Planning approval, if applicable, is to be obtained by others and a planning permit for the project will be supplied with the documentation package to The Permit Group.


4.5             Structural Certification

Structural design, checking and independent certification of any structural documents will be arranged by the client to be prepared and provided by a registered engineer, and that a Certificate of Compliance (Reg 126) will accompany the documents supplied to The Permit Group.


4.6             Staged Permits

If it is deemed required, staging of Building Permits may be considered by the Relevant Building Surveyor (“RBS”). Staging a building permit will incur an additional administrative fee of; for class 1 & 10’s $1,000 & class 2-9 $1,500 plus GST for each stage.


4.7             Meetings

No attendance at project team meetings has been allowed. Otherwise we have allowed to liaise directly with relevant consultants to resolve queries as required.

Attendance to any meeting/s will be charged at an hourly rate as set out in these terms.

If any meeting are required with any relevant staff member, the meeting needs to be agreed upon with The Permit Group and the meeting needs to be set by The Permit Group.

Walk in meetings without an appointment will be charged an admin fee and meeting requests without an appointment are not guaranteed an appointment.


4.8             Redesigns/ Amendments

Amendments to documentation which result in the need for reviews and new building permits or amendments to the permit issued have not been allowed for. Additional fees will apply. Minor amendment are charged at $500 plus GST per amendment and major amendments will be charge $1000 plus GST per amendment.


4.8.1         Permit Time Extension

Shall an Extension of Time to the building permit be required, additional fees will apply. Minimum $900 plus GST for 6 months extended. (Minimum cost of $900 plus GST and $150 plus GST for any additional month). 12 month extension of time fee is $1800 plus GST.


4.9             Inspections

All mandatory building inspections (i.e. Footings, reinforcement, frame and final inspections) have been allowed. The number of inspections allowed is limited to the number provided on the fee proposal. Additional inspections will be charged $250 per inspection (plus GST), per dwelling.

A minimum of 24-48 hours’ notice is required prior to booking mandatory building inspections. Please note any Frame Inspections will require a minimum of 48 hours subject to availability.

Same day inspection bookings will be charged $250 plus GST (these are subject to availability).

Same day inspection cancellations will incur a fee of $250 plus GST.

Non-mandatory inspections will be charge at $400 plus GST per inspection, per dwelling [non-mandatory inspections are all inspections not listed on the building permit, includes ground floor frame work (bottom plate overhang and external bracing inspection)].

Where a property owner or builder requires a review and clarification on written directions for each inspection a fee of $400 plus GST will be charged per review/inspection.


4.10           Notices and Orders

The Permit Group has not allowed for additional work associated with the need to issue Building Notices or Orders on any party, as a consequence of a breach of the Building Act 1993 or Building Regulations 2018. If required, work in this regard will be charged at a minimum fee of $1,600 plus GST for each Building Notice or Order issued, and lifted and at an hourly rate thereafter, plus inspection fee associated with administration of all and any enforcement procedures. Fees must be paid prior to any Building Notice or/and Building Order being lifted.


4.11           Third Party Appeals

The Permit Group engagement does not allow for preparation time or attendance at Building Appeals Board hearings as a result of appeals by third parties such as adjoining owners or municipal councils.

If required, work in this regard would be reviewed and a quote provided by The Permit Group prior to engaging in any associated matter/s.


4.12           Invoicing

The Permit Group propose a cash flow arrangement and full payment of its fees for services and disbursements at or prior to issue of and/or handover of the Building Permit.


4.12.1        Deposits

A minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is payable upon application.


4.13           Period of Validity

Unless agreed otherwise, if The Permit Group have provided a written quote prior to the application for a building permit, the quote remains valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The Permit Group reserve the right to review its proposal if confirmation of its appointment is received after 90 days from the date of the quote.


4.14           Program

The Permit Group engagement is offered on the basis of the program as set out in these terms and conditions and functions by the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018.


4.15           Registered Builder/Contract Administration

The Permit Group assumes their services are offered on the basis that the works are constructed by a registered builder, and/or are administered by the Architects, or another suitably experienced body, to see the works through to completion in order to receive an Occupancy Permit and/or a Certificate of Final Inspection (whichever applies). Alternatively the client/s and/or owner/s must provide Owner Builder Certificate of Consent from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) for any works that exceed a cost of $16,000 or as prescribed by the Act.


4.16           Regulatory Assessment

Regulatory Assessments (RA) are limited, the amount included is nominated on the fee proposal.  Once exceeded the surcharge below will be incurred for every subsequent re-assessment. The client understands additional Regulatory Assessments (RA) will be invoiced and are payable prior to the issue of the Building Permit.

Regulatory Assessments (RA)                         $600 plus GST per additional checklist issued after the allowed amount has been exceeded.


4.17           Occupancy Permit Assessment

The fee proposal will outline the number of Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection (CFI) Assessments allowed within the scope of works. If no number has been nominated, only one Occupancy Permit/CFI assessment has been allowed for.

Occupancy Permit/CFI Assessment                $200 pls GST per additional assessment issued after the allowed amount has been exceeded.


4.18           Exclusions:

Services outside the general scope of engagement will be as per the fee schedule in The Permit Group’s “Exclusions from General Building Surveying Services”, annexed to these terms and conditions.



If an excluded service becomes required as part of The Permit Group’s engagement, The Permit Group reserve the right to charge additional fees, plus GST, plus disbursements, plus statutory costs and plus any out of pocket expenses that may be incidentally or non-incidentally incurred.

The Permit Group will endeavour to provide a quote to the client/owner when it becomes apparent that the excluded service/s may be required.


4.20           Meetings:

Meetings will be charged at an hourly rate based on the Consultant / Building Surveyor attending the meeting.

Meeting with either Director                                            – $500 plus GST p/hr

Meeting with Senior Building Surveyor                            – $400 plus GST p/hr

Meeting with Junior/ Admin Staff                                    – $250 plus GST p/hr


4.21           Modification by the Building Appeals Board (BAB)

Application/s for modification/s will not be conducted by this office. If advice is sought on regulatory matters in support of modification/s, and/or RBS comments required from the applicant or the BAB. Additional fees will apply subject to the nature of the application.

RBS comments will be at an additional rate of;                                 $200 plus GST per regulation.

Preparation of report for Modification on client’s behalf:                $800 plus GST per regulation.


4.22           Council Report and Consent (Dispensations)

Preparation and attendance on matters pursuant to the Building Regulations 2018 will be at an additional fee as follows:

Part 5 siting Report and Consent report/MG’s:                                 $800 plus GST per regulation- Plus Council Fees

RBS Dispensation confirmation Letter                                               $200 plus GST per regulation required

Combined allotment statement – Reg 64                                          $600 plus GST

Statement of subdivision – Reg 231                                                    $1,200 plus GST

Protection of Public RBS statement – Reg 116                                   $400 plus GST- Plus Council Fees

Partial Compliance – Reg 233                                                              $600 plus GST

Form 29A – Consent to Demolish                                                       $250 plus GST- Plus council Fees


4.23           Bushfire Prone Areas

         Proposed work located within Bushfire Prone Area will incur additional fees of $400 pls GST for assessment and compliance with Bushfire Construction to AS3959.


    All fees exclude Council / Authority application fees.


5                Administration:

Administrative Fee (all permits)                                       $150 plus GST.

Building Permit Number Lodgement (BAMS)                   $150 plus GST.

Re-lodgement of Building Permit Number (BAMS)          $75 plus GST.

VBA Proactive Inspection Responses                               $250 plus GST per response.

Insurance surcharge                                                         $200 plus GST.

FRV Review                                                                       $400 plus GST.


6                Protection Works Notices (Forms 6, 7 & 8):

Determination of Protection Work Notices (Form 6);     $450 plus GST per adj. property

Advice on preparation of Forms 7 & 8;                            $600 plus GST per adj. property

Determinations by the RBS pursuant

to Section 87 of the Building Act 1993;                            $1,200 plus GST per adj. property


Attendance on appeals:                                                    $ Quote basis.



7                Title search:

Title / Instrument/ plan of sub-division search                $250 plus GST, plus disbursements per property.


8                Property Information:

Property Information – Reg 51                       $250 plus GST- Plus Council Fees

Legal Point of Discharge – Reg 133                 $250 plus GST- Plus Council Fees


The above excludes Council / Authority application fee


9                Performance Solution:

Performance Solution for the use of greywater                                $400 plus GST


Acceptance and review of Performance Solutions                            $800 plus GST – per solution/per clause


Review of Performance Solution Design Brief                                   $200 plus GST – per solution



10              Cladding:

Review of non-Deemed to Satisfy or non-accredited or non-code marked external cladding                                                                                                                                             $600 plus GST – per product


11              Consultation:

Regulatory consultation can be arranged on an hourly fee basis.


12              Photocopying:

Additional stamped documents:

Full Building Permit documents (up to A3 size only)                                            Min. $100 plus GST

One set of any relevant document (up to A3 size only) max 20 pages                Min. $50 plus GST

Every additional page thereafter charged at a rate.                                            $1 plus GST (A3)

$0.50 plus GST (A4)


13              Adjoining Owners Details

                  Obtaining ownership details of the adjoining property for the serving of protection work notices:

$250 plus GST per adjoining property



13              Archived/ Completed jobs

Requests for Building Permit and/or Occupancy Permit documentation will incur a minimum fee of $350 plus GST (the client will need to allow a minimum 14 days for the documentation to be provided).


14              Payment terms:

Subject to the service required, payment must be made at completion of consultations (clause 8). Payments for other services must be made on invoice and / or other terms arranged and agreed by The Permit Group.






Any matters not covered by the above exclusions will be considered separately and a quote / fee provided.



All terms including but not limited to fees, services, requirements and any other matters may be subject to change without notice. The Permit Group reserves the right to amend, vary or otherwise change any information at any time.